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Check out our Incorporation Online Services, create your company as simple as open your laptop within 14 Days. Check out our Incorporation Online Services, create your company as simple as open your laptop within 14 Days.

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Company Establishment

Establish a Limited Liability Company (Perseroan Terbatas) complete with licenses needed to jump start your venture.

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License Handling

We handle most of licenses needed for your business to operate legally and fully compliant. Either first registration, extension, amendment, we got you covered.

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Notarial Assistance

We assist you to obtain notarial documents from our curated network of professional notaries. As easy as select the services, and we will appoint notary that suits your demand.

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Trademark Registration

Trouble protecting your brand? We help secure your Trademark so you will focus more on marketing. Don't worry, it will be assisted by Licensed IP Consultant.

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Corporate Secretarial

We handle most of internal company legal documentations: Yearly and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Commissioners Consent, and other legal documents.

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Sectoral Business License

Some business need a particular needs and sectoral license in order to legally perform their activities. Our team has the required knowledge relevant to the intended industry. Hence, it will ease the license handling process.

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Expatriate Assistance

We take care of foreigner intends to work in Indonesia, starting from their arrival until securing their necessary work license.

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Dedicated Legal Support

This plan suitable for business that has more frequent legal services, in fundraising stage, in regulated industry, or need provide legal documents infrastructures. The assistance is customize to your business needs!

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Fundraising Assistance

We help navigate entrepreneurs understand the terms through their fundraising phase, from representation until execution of fundraising documents.

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Other Service

Trouble to find service you require? Don't hesitate to reach us! We thrive to support every legal need, and we will find solution just right for you.

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